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Wear the Trend: Low Rise Denim

Wear the Trend: Low Rise Denim

Wear the Trend: Low Rise Denim

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Low rise denim might have felt like a trend that came and went, but it is back and better than ever! With how style has changed over the years, you might be left wondering how you can style this trend. We are going to give you a few ideas on how you can easily style low rise denim.


Style it With a Button-Up

If you want to wear low rise denim, a great way to style a chic outfit is by pairing your denim with a button-up shirt. This could be white, black, or even light blue. You will want your top to be a looser fit and you can do a half-tuck with it to make it feel effortless.


A Simple Tank or Tee

When you look at pictures of celebrities that are wearing low rise denim, you will probably see them style their denim with a cropped tee or tank. If you are comfortable with wearing something slightly cropped, it can be a casual way to style your denim and still feel on-trend.


Body Suit and Blazer

For days where you might want to wear low rise denim, but have a more put together outfit, you might want to consider pairing the denim with a body suit and an oversized blazer. It will still scream “cool girl,” but allows you to wear the look to a dinner with girlfriends or a night out for drinks.


With these easy ideas, you will feel ready to take on the low rise denim trend and be putting together outfits that everyone will be envying!

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