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Manicure Trends We’re Loving for Spring

Manicure Trends We’re Loving for Spring

Manicure Trends We’re Loving for Spring

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Manicure trends are always changing and there are constantly fun colors, styles, and designs that are popular. With spring approaching, this can be the perfect time to try some of the fun trends that we are loving! We know you will have everyone stopping you to ask about your nails!


Chrome Nails

Yes, we all know about the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails, but the trend is here to stay. Outside of the typical brown chrome that we have seen everywhere, you can have the chrome applied to any color of nails. Say hello to pink or blue chrome!


All Kinds of French

French manicures were in style many years ago, but they are back full force. Whether you want a standard white French tip or bring a pop of color, you will be the envy of your friends with your stunning manicure for spring. If you want to try a unique French manicure, consider different colors for each nail to enjoy pops of color!


Velvet Nails

Yes, you hear us right! Just like the glazed donut nails, nails that appear to look like velvet are very on-trend this year. These polishes with an abundance of shimmer truly do give the look that your nails have velvet on them.


Viva Magenta

With this being the Pantone color of the year for 2023, it will absolutely be a go-to color in nail salons for spring. This bright pink is ideal for spring and helps brighten up any outfit you want to wear. If you want to add something extra fun, consider topping this color with a matte topcoat.


Our favorite nail trends are sure to be ones you will love as well! Bring these ideas to your next nail appointment and we guarantee you will have one of the trendiest manicures this season.

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