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Hobo Bags are Back! Here’s How to Style Them

Hobo Bags are Back! Here’s How to Style Them

Hobo Bags are Back! Here’s How to Style Them

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Hobo bag – the term is used to describe the slouchy, multi-purpose handbag that grew to its height of popularity during the early 2000s. Now, they’re coming back with a fresh take and we’ve got some tips on how to incorporate this practical bag into your everyday look:

·       Sleek and simple – The hobo bag comes in a range of sizes, colors and textures. Minimalist bags in a neutral tone go with nearly everything in your closet and can be used over the course of a few seasons.

·       Oversized – One of the best loved features of a hobo bag is the size. For a fresh take, go oversized and pair it with a duster sweater or other lightweight knit to balance out the proportions.

·       Petite works, too – If you’re not into the super-sized hobo bags, there are petite options, too. For a handheld option, look for a cute petite hobo bag with a slouchy silhouette and eye-catching accents.

·       Teddy bear texture – Classic hobo bags come in traditional leather, but this fun bag opens you up to even better possibilities: teddy bear texture. For a fun seasonal bag, look for a hobo bag in a furry or textural material.

·       Dress up or dress down – Hobo bags work for a variety of dress styles. For a casual look, pair the hobo bag with denim and a trench coat or go for something more dressed up: pixie pants and a feminine blouse.

Hobo bags are practical and stylish with so many different looks. Find one that suits your personal style and wear it for day or night!

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