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What the Truck? How to Style Your Fave Trucker Hat!

What the Truck? How to Style Your Fave Trucker Hat!

What the Truck? How to Style Your Fave Trucker Hat!

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Trucker hats gained popularity many years ago, but they never went out of style and no, they aren’t just for truckers! Although the ways to style them have changed, there are still plenty of looks that you can pair a trucker hat with. Whether you don’t feel up to styling your hair or just want to complete your outfit with a fun accessory, we are going to help you style your favorite trucker hat!


1) Athleisure Outfit

One of the easiest ways to style your favorite trucker hat is to wear it with your athleisure or workout outfit. Many times, when you are putting on your comfortable sweats or leggings for a yoga class, you are throwing your hair into a ponytail or bun. A trucker hat can complete the outfit, making you look extra cool and saving you plenty of time! Whether you want to go for a monochromatic outfit with the same-colored hat as the rest of your look or add a pop of color, a trucker hat is a trendy finishing touch!


2) Casual Jeans and Tank

A go-to outfit that should be in your wardrobe is a great pair of denim and a comfortable tee or tank. There is something that feels super chic about a great tee with denim. This is also an outfit that you can wear all year long! While it might feel simple, you can add a fun statement to your look with a trucker hat. Maybe you want to wear one that represents your favorite baseball team or a brand you love. Either way, your outfit will go from simple to fun with the addition of a hat!


3) All Black Outfit 

While it may not be the outfit you would think of wearing with a trucker hat, one of the most trendy ways to style a trucker hat can be with black leggings or denim and a long coat. Pick your favorite black leggings or skinny black denim, throw on a black tee or sweater, and finish the outfit with your favorite long coat. Pick a coat that is tan, grey, or black to allow the trucker hat to be the attention piece of the look.


These three ways to wear a trucker hat will keep you feeling stylish on days when you might not have typically felt put together! If you haven’t bought a trucker hat yet, it is time to add a couple to your wardrobe to toss on for those days you don’t have time to spend on your hair or just don’t feel like getting completely ready.

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