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How to Rock the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Trend

How to Rock the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Trend

How to Rock the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Trend

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The no-makeup look is trending for a reason: it’s simple and looks good on everyone! If you’re ready to rock a fresh-faced glow, look no further than these easy steps:

·       Prep the skin: A no-makeup look starts with hydrated and primed skin. Look for one that has nourishing ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to prep it for the next step.

·       Opt for a tint: Instead of reaching for the heavy foundation, a no-makeup look is achieved with the help of a tinted moisturizer or skin tint. From light coverage tints to BB and CC creams, there are so many options for all skin types.

·       Get glowing: Apply a soft bronzing powder or cream along the high points of your face – temples, bridge of the nose, and cheekbones – to get that sun-kissed warmth. Then, use a creamy blush to add a hint of color to the apples of the cheeks.

·       Emphasize the eyes: Use mascara to darken the lashes, and use a clean spoolie brush and brow wax to brush eyebrows up and set them into place. Need to fill them in? Use light, hair-like strokes to fill in any sparse areas.

Gloss the lips: Oil, balm, or gloss – these are all great options for a no-makeup look. Look for shades that match your natural lip color, or go for the classic clear option.

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